Ecommerce Loans To Consider for Your Business

Loans have helped e-commerce companies to add value to the services they provide. These loans include small, medium and large companies. Top banks have a separate wing to appraise and extend e-commerce loans to individuals, firms and companies. Electronic commerce, popularly known as e-commerce, is a business model that enables any commercial entity to do business on an electronic platform, namely the Internet. The Internet sector is highly competitive, the dynamics of an e-seller are different compared to a traditional or traditional seller.

Ecommerce Loans To Consider for Your Business


Clearco provides equity-free funding based on merchant performance and revenue. Ecommerce startups can receive up to $10 million in funding from Clearco without giving up any equity. They offer a variety of funding options, including inventory funding, lines of credit, and marketing funding.

8 figs

8fig is an ecommerce funding provider for DTC and Amazon brands. It has a specific focus on funding your entire supply chain by providing free planning tools to brands like yours, making it easy to calculate how much capital you need and then get ongoing access to capital as your brand grows.


PayAbility’s customers receive the funds needed for inventory, promotion, hiring as well as launching new products. PayAbility provides frictionless funding options to ecommerce businesses that operate across a variety of platforms, including Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, eBay, and others. Sell on online platforms.


WayFlyer does not charge interest rates. Instead, they charge a simple fee that you can pay back as a percentage of your sales so you can protect your business from risk as much as possible. WayFlyer offers flexible, non-disruptive loans and funding specifically for eCommerce businesses. The funds can be used to invest in inventory, marketing, or other areas of your ecommerce business.

Shopify Capital

Think of it as an income-based repayment schedule that’s tailored to you so you don’t get overwhelmed if you have a bad month. Shopify Capital’s funding program isn’t like a standard small-business loan, in which you repay the loan in monthly instalments plus interest. Instead, you pay them back a percentage of your daily sales.

Merchants can deploy these funds to expand into new geographic markets or product categories, as well as marketing and inventory growth to adapt to seasonal changes. Ecommerce merchants can make use of the company’s funding and daily advance options.